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10/03/1982 (Mexico)

For more than ten years and until the Great Confinement I used to manage prestigious festivals and events related to art, culture and creativity. It all started in 2009 at CutOut Fest, a newly created animation festival that shortly after would become the most important in Mexico, and from then on I organically leaped into other disciplines and formats.

Music, digital art, contemporary art, cinema, graphic design... I have been involved in all these regions of creativity and I am particularly drawn to those in which art and technology intersect. 

I was Operations Manager of Sónar Mexico in its first edition (2019) -the International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art of Barcelona- and served in so many others as Project Manager, General Producer, Programmer, Curator, Hospitality Coordinator and Talent Booker -negotiating contracts for personalities such as Edward Snowden, James Cameron, Darren Aronofssky or Gaspar Noé-.

The pandemic broke out in 2020 and the world's festivals became a tundra. My professional life succumbed. Another quantum leap brought me back to Barcelona. With the world locked up at home, niche streaming flourished. BAM! glitch, the first animation streaming service for non-children audiences appeared and I found the ideal place where I could put all those years of knowledge, contacts and love for images that transcend reality. Animation, as I understand it, glorifies the viewer. It has the power to change things because its very nature is trans-formative.

So today I aspire to transform. That's what I've learned. Whether public or private spaces, robot music festivals, cultural celebrations, thought patterns, small communities... My desire is to facilitate environments where the free exchange of ideas, the sharing of knowledge, beauty, and playfulness permeate everything. If possible, through the intersection of art and technology.


I'm currently based in Mataró, Barcelona!

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